Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Year End Wrap

Westchester Magazine
This was for a humorous article where the author
complained about the trend to "go green" put a cramp in
his lifestyle - starting with not using those heat sleeves
you put on coffee cups.

Here is one in a series of landscapes that I work
on when I have the time.

Discipleship Journal
Here is one of four spots  for the columns section of this
spiritual magazine. It was about helping and encouraging
people who are shy.

Association of Progressive Rental

Cover art for Rent-to-Own HQ / The Magazine. The issue's
theme was the value of employees. The art director for this
trade publication gave me one of my first jobs about 20
years ago. It's always been a pleasure to work with him.

Sketchbook Robots
There is no such thing as too many robots.

Odds and Ends
Some good news from the world of design and
illustrations competitions. The typewriter piece I
won a merit award from University and College
Designers Association. And the seasonal beer image
I did for Boulevard Brewing Company was selected
into Creative Quarterly 13.