Monday, October 27, 2008

A Feast for the Eyes

Blue Plate Dinners Art Exhibition
I contacted artists near and far to be part of
an art show with the theme of food. The show
was at Blue Plate Dinners, a local meal assembly store.
Since many of their meals come in freezer bags, I asked
that everyones work be able to fit in a bag. All the work
was displayed in those bags.
See photos from the opening reception here.

Sourpuss Series
C'mon, who didn't jam citrus rinds in their mouths in an effort
to generate a laugh or two? These were my contributions to
the "A Feast for the Eyes" exhibition. It was conveyed to me
that watermelons are not sour, so calling it a "sourpuss" is
not accurate. I call that one "Contrarian".